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My Kotex Stockpile!

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My Kotex stockpile! I asked my daughter Danica to arranged them and she did well. Now I can find what I need lol.
With 5 girls in the house, I need all the cheap Kotex I can get. Publix is so amazing! This is probably 1 to 2 years of supply.

The Kotex deal is still ongoing. I have 2 breakdowns on my website.

  1. The current weekly sale. I got mostly the Kotex with wings -> https://thisfamilysaves.com/u-by-kotex-pads/
  2.  Small packages -> https://thisfamilysaves.com/kotex-pads/

Note that I got most of these the last deal when we had the $4/2 Publix coupon in the flyer.

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