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New Printable Coupons

How to Print Coupons | How to Save it as PDF | How to Print the PDF Coupons You Saved

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  • Ananda Hardial

    This was GREAT! This is why I have been staying away from printing, all of the money that went wasted on ink when I didnt go to the store in time. Especially now. Appreciate the tip!

  • Daniel

    You should not show people how to save the print file as a PDF, especially when the coupons are printed from a site like Coupons.com where each coupon has a unique serial number. A PDF does not change the serial number, thus if one reprints and uses the coupon again, that is coupon fraud.

    • thisfamilysaves

      I understand what you’re saying that’s why I said on my video to not change the number of copies because it has unique numbers. Saving it as PDF will save money on ink and papers.

      We are all adults here and we know changing quantities considered copying the coupons and it’s fraud!

      I don’t think it’s wrong teaching them another way to save money.

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