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-$10 off $50 Gas Card wyb $50 or more Grocery Purchase (valid 2/3 to 2/7 or 2/4-2/7 for some)

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$10.00 Off The Purchase of One (1) $50.00 Gas Card With A Grocery Purchase of $50.00 or More, (valid 2/3 to 2/7 or 2/4-2/7 for some)

Q: What do you consider groceries?
A: Anything in the store except the exclusions on the coupon. Excluding phone and gift cards, alcohol tobacco, lottery items, money services, postage stamps; and prescriptions.
Q: Is $50 in Groceries before or after coupons?
A: $50 in groceries is before coupons, before tax, and after a sale.


The purchase requirement of $50 in groceries is BEFORE tax and BEFORE coupons.
You can purchase anything in the store except the exclusions in the coupon; excluding phone and gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, lottery items, money services, postage stamps, and prescriptions.

When you are shopping, stop by one of the gift card displays which is usually located on an end cap by the customer service.
Grab a $50.00 Gas Card of your choice.

During checkout, wait until all of the groceries are scanned including the $50 gas card.
Then give your $10 off $50 gas card coupon first. Once the cashier scanned your gas card coupon, hand over the rest of your coupons.

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If not, go ahead and sign up HERE 

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  • Mike

    I was very disappointed when I saw the new ad and there was no Gas Card coupon. As you stated, it is regional, but I was so excited to get one this week.

    Any idea what areas got the Gas Card coupon this week?

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